Glendale for expats – what’s to know?

In case you’re moving to the USA and Glendale is your chosen city, you’ve made a great choice! There are many perks and things to look forward to if you’re moving to this LA town. So, today we’re here to present this lovely town to you and give you an insight into the LA lifestyle you can look forward to. If you want to find out if Glendale for expats is a good idea, you’re in the right place. Before hiring movers in Glendale CA, here are a few things you should know about this city.

Get to know the basics before moving to Glendale as an expat

Before you pack up your bags and book your flight ticket, Good Neighbors Moving Company is here to tell you some of the most important facts about Glendale for expats. Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

woman using laptop on bed to research glendale for expats
If you’re planning on moving to this LA city, you need to do learn the basics of Glendale for ex-pats.
  • With a population of a little bit over 200 thousand people, Glendale offers an urban-style lifestyle, while still being a great place for families.
  • The public schools in Glendale are rated very highly, so you can look forward to that if you’re moving here with your kids.
  • It’s a safe environment, which is perfect for families, retirees, and pretty much everyone.
  • At the same time, Glendale for expats offers lively nightlife and plenty of entertainment options.
  • However, we have to mention something you probably won’t be too happy to hear. The cost of living in Glendale is pretty steep – it’s higher than the Californian average and the national average.

Your future home offers plenty of job ops!

Expats moving to Glendale often inquire about the job market. Well, we’ve got good news. Glendale’s vicinity to pretty much all industries means that you can find a job no matter what your profession is. The job market is very well-developed and promising. Plus, Glendale CA is close to some important highways making it easier to commute to work!

Location, location, location

One of the main reasons expats move to Glendale is its amazing location. It lies in the northeast part of Downtown LA and is surrounded by the Verdugo Hills.

skyline of downtown la
Glendale is located in the northeast part of Downtown LA and is very well connected to other parts of LA.

But other than the great location, Glendale is also very well connected to other areas. With some of the major freeways (the 2nd, 5th, and the 134th) nearby, your daily commute to work will be a piece of cake. So whether you’re moving your business or your household to Glendale as an expat, you’ll be able to enjoy a prime location.

Enjoy outdoor activities in Glendale – make most of the beautiful weather

Sure, you’ll be able to find a job and easily reach other parts of LA, but what about relaxation? Not to worry, Glendale won’t disappoint. If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, you’ll love living here. You can visit parks like Deukmejian Wilderness Park or Cerritos Park where you can walk, jog, cycle, do yoga, and get some fresh air. Enjoy a picnic with friends and get some vitamin D – Glendale has got you covered.

Is Glendale for expats the right decision?

As you can tell, this lovely LA city offers everything you need for a happy life. From work to location, safety, and entertainment, you can have it all. All in all, Glendale is one of the best places to live in California, so you won’t regret relocating here. So, if you’re considering Glendale for expats and thinking about relocation, it’s time to call up some residential movers LA and book your date.