Guide to filing a claim against a moving company

There are a lot of factors that can influence how the moving process can go! From movers being late to bad packing, due to lack of experience from some shady movers, or simply other factors that are out of anyone’s control! Anyway, in that case, you should know that filing a claim against a moving company can help you return some money for any inconvenience during your moving process!

What are the reasons for filing a claim against a moving company

When we are talking about filing a claim against a moving company we need to tell you more about the reasons why and when to do it! You won’t get any results if you are complaining about some things that were not covered in the initial contract you made with your movers! The following are the most common reasons why people file complaints against moving companies.

a man checking his contract before filing a claim against a moving company
Make sure to read your contract before filing a claim against a moving company

Reason for filing a claim against a moving company no. 1: Movers are late

Delivery date was postponed or the movers are late – The number one reason why people file complaints is when movers are late. That’s when the dispute between you and professional movers start. Before you even file a complaint, you need to check what was the delivery date that was settled for the move. If by any chance, there is a set date, and your movers are late, you have the legal right to file a complaint against them!

a man checking his watch
File a complaint if movers are late

Reason for filing a claim against a moving company no. 2: Items are damaged or lost

Some of your items were lost or damaged during the relocation – Once in a while, it may happen that some movers are not that experienced! So they may end up packing your items the wrong way. This will lead to certain damages. On the other hand, they can lose your items during the moving process. However, you look at it, filing a claim against a moving company in this situation is totally acceptable! In order to avoid all these troubles, especially if you are moving your business, look to hire reliable commercial movers Los Angeles!

Reason for filing a claim against a moving company no. 3: The cost is not what you agreed on

This is what happens most of the time when you are dealing with the shady movers! They will give you an initial cost of your relocation, and won’t tell you about hidden costs that will just pump up the price! You should always double-check your contract with them, and see if there are some hidden things you missed out. If everything is clear and they still overcharge you, filing a claim against a moving company must be your top priority!

The only way you can know that the moving company won’t overcharge you is that you hire professional movers Los Angeles. Because they are working under the law and legally, they will respect what is written in the contract, and won’t add some hidden fees in the overall moving cost!

When filing a claim against a moving company, do it right

Writing a complaint letter is very important! Especially if you are dealing with some business company! And later on, if it drags too much, in the court of law! Here is where you need to think about the proper ways to write a complaint letter! Because whoever is the judge of the situation, he or she needs to read a concise and precise letter about the situation you are dealing with. Do not drag some sentences for too long. Just include the important information, what happened and why you are filing a complaint. If you are right, this will be enough to win the case!

Document your items before and after the move

One of the most secure ways you can protect yourself before you move out is to document everything. Make a list of items you are transporting, copy it and make sure the moving company have one as well. Every professional moving company will make a list of their own as well before you move out. That way you can compare both lists and agree that those are the items you are transporting. Also, using your mobile phone, take pictures of every important and valuable item in your household. You should do this before you move out. And once you arrive at your new home, see if everything is in the same condition as you packed it. With documented images, you will surely win a case in any situation like that

a hand touching a smartphone
Use your smartphone to document the items

If you have decided to document your items in order to protect them from any mishaps then you also need to have in mind who are you hiring for the job. And, if you need to place them in storage for the time being. Don’t think that just because the storage unit is cheap that it is good. There are many downfalls of renting a cheap storage unit that you need to think about!

Who to call when filing a complaint

After you documented everything and checked your items and the contract at least twice, it is time to find the perfect mediator for your complaint. There are several instances that can help you with your complaint about the moving company. They are

  • American Moving and Storage Association
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

These institutions will help you with your complaint the best way possible. And when you are making a contract, you need to mention what can happen if your movers mess up something. So it is a good thing to know how to properly negotiate with your movers!

Filing a claim against a moving company is a process that can take time and patience! But, if you are in the right, it will totally pay off! If some items are damaged or lost, then you should definitely claim some compensation!