Moving from Los Angeles to Chicago

Why Move to Chicago

Are you planning to move to the “Windy City” of America? Moving to Chicago has been a dream for many people. Imagine moving to an urban life without the additional stress and cost. The quality of life for those who live in this melting pot of businesses and careers will indeed be elevated. If you’re moving from Los Angeles to Chicago, you’ll need reliable movers to assist you, and we are confident enough to claim that our experts can live up to the job.

Live in a place with diverse neighborhoods, adequate transportation, an influx of jobs, and amazing cuisine. If you’re planning to move immediately to the wonderful city of Chicago, feel free to contact us for assistance. We can make your moving journey to Chicago — one of the warmest and friendliest cities in the United States — as smooth-sailing as possible with our professional movers.

Benefits of Moving to Chicago

Are you still thinking twice about moving to Chicago? If you need more convincing, below are some benefits of moving to Chicago that will truly impress you.

Center of Commerce

Due to the expansion of its cattle and meat industry, Chicago became one of the largest markets in the country. It has also become more developed in terms of healthcare, information technology, printing, manufacturing, food processing, accounting, finance, and so much more.

Aside from its advanced levels in various sectors, the city is ranked just a bit behind New York in terms of the highest median salary. This makes Chicago an attractive prospect for employment and financial stability.

Large, Peaceful, Neighborhoods

You don’t have to worry about the housing scarcity in Chicago. They have numerous housing opportunities at affordable prices. You can experience living in a sprawling and progressive neighborhood without breaking the bank. Visualize having access to the great Lake Michigan while being in a conducive, peaceful neighborhood — it doesn’t get better than that.

Have the best movers in Chicago assist you in your big move. You can choose to move to historic neighborhoods, quaint suburbs, or even new districts. You’ll need all the assistance you can get to enjoy the feeling of breaking free from your old life to welcome the new one.

Convenient Public Transportation

Being one of the largest and most populous cities in the United States, Chicago is home to numerous commuting options, either by train, bus, or taxi. If you want to avoid heavy traffic, you’ll also have several routes to try. Chicago’s layout is straightforward and easy to navigate. You can access any location effortlessly with the help of their fast-paced and convenient transportation system.

Aside from their local transportation, Chicago also has two international airports: the Midway International Airport and the O’Hare International Airport. Having access to these airports can make your life easier, especially if you’re a frequent traveler.

Excellent Education

Chicago has 54 universities and colleges and more than 1000 private schools. It is also home to around 300 middle, elementary, and high schools. Most of these institutions are recognized as the top schools and universities in the country.

Some of them are renowned internationally, such as the University of Illinois, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University.

Sports Hub of the State

For the biggest sports fans, you can seek the assistance of cheap movers to fulfill your dreams of living in the country’s greatest sports town. It has officially earned its title as the “Best Sports City” in the country by Sporting News. You can catch a local game at a nearby sports diner or bar and enjoy the Michael Jordan references all day with fellow sports enthusiasts.

Great Cuisines

You can’t live in Chicago without tasting their world-famous hot dogs. Some people would swear by the amazing taste, making it one of Chicago’s signature foods. You can also try their irresistible deep-dish Chicago pizza, gyros, sausages, and their authentic Italian food. You will never run out of restaurant choices because Chicago has it all for you.

Famous Music Venues

Chicago is the birthplace of various music genres and artists who have contributed to the global music scene since time immemorial. Their jazz and blues musicians are known to produce addictive and relaxing music one can listen to after a long day at work.

Chicago also hosts one of the country’s biggest music events, the Lollapalooza. Its rich musical history draws in more artists and local musicians who aspire to be recognized in the industry.

More Affordable Cost of Living

People who want to experience city life without the hefty cost of living should choose Chicago for relocation. The best movers from LA to Chicago can assist you in this big leap. Upon checking some of the best real estate companies in Chicago, you’ll be surprised at the price difference between Chicago and all the other major cities in the United States.

Good Neighbors Moving Company Can Help

Moving from Los Angeles to Chicago can be disorienting and stressful. You’ll have to consider several factors, one of which is moving your items. Good Neighbors Movers can handle your items as carefully and quickly as possible. You can expect us to keep your possessions in tip-top shape as we move them. If you want to learn more, feel free to talk to us through our representatives. You can also get a free estimate by filling out the information in the fields.