Moving With Pets: How To Introduce a Pet to a New Home

Are you in the process of preparing for a move to a new home?

It’s no secret that relocating can be stressful. After all, you have to pack all of your possessions and hire the right movers for the job, just to name a few of the details you’ll need to focus on.

Relocating can be especially stressful when moving house with pets. That’s because most dogs and cats don’t enjoy change. Thus introducing them to a new environment can be traumatic. Fortunately, this article can help.

Here we look at important tips for moving in Los Angeles when you’re taking pets to your new home. Keep reading to learn more.

Prepare for the Drive

Let’s start by discussing the importance of preparing your pet for the trip. This is especially important when traveling to another state or across the country. Keep in mind that your pet won’t understand what’s going on, but they will likely pick up on the sudden shift in energy as you pack for the move.

You should never just load your pet into the car and take off. Get their crate ready to travel. Put it near the front door and leave it open so they can explore it, and encourage them to sleep in it.

It’s also wise to prepare a travel kit for your pet filled with a few favorite toys, snacks, and anything else that will help them be as comfortable as possible on the road.

Make the Drive as Comfortable as Possible

When it comes to making them comfortable during long miles on the road, it’s important to understand that moving with dogs can cause them a lot of anxiety.

You’ll probably notice them whining, barking, or not being able to settle down as you make the drive. That’s why you should make them a comfortable bed, allow them to look around so they can see the scenery passing outside the windows, and give them lots of love so they’ll feel a little more at ease.

Make Plenty of Stops Along the Way

You might not feel the need to stop for bathroom breaks or walk around, but your pet will need a break.

Stop as often as possible. This will give her a chance to potty and stretch her legs. She will also enjoy smelling everything and having a look around as you get closer and closer to your destination.

Introducing Your Pet to Your New Home

Once you’ve arrived, it’s best to introduce a pet to a new home slowly. It might be tempting to just set your pet free inside the house and roam around as she pleases, but this could actually cause a lot of anxiety.

Keep in mind that while you understand that this new place is home, your pet will need plenty of time to adapt.

Start by bringing the pet crate inside and placing it in a room where she will have a good view of the house. Talk to her and offer treats so that she will understand that she is safe here.

You carry your pet while giving her a tour of the new living space, but it’s best to keep her in the crate as much as possible, especially when you first arrive. This will prevent her from going potting on the carpet or panicking in such an unfamiliar place.

Keep Them In Their the First Couple of Nights

In fact, it’s best to keep your dog in her crate for at least a night or two. She might not like this at first, but it will help reduce anxiety and provide her with a sense of safety and security.

Research Vets In Your New Community

Once you’ve had a chance to settle into your new house, take the time to research the veterinarians in your community. After all, your pet will need quality healthcare.

If you have family or friends in the area, ask them to recommend vets they trust. It’s best to find a good vet as soon as possible, just in case your pet has a medical emergency during the moving process.

Create a Housewarming Kit for Your Pet

Pets love treats. That’s why you should create a housewarming kit filled with toys and treats. This is a great way to help them relax. It will also make moving in more enjoyable for them.

Just try not to give them too much to eat right away. Otherwise, the treats mixed with anxiety could upset their stomachs. The key is to give them something fun to take their mind off the confusing activity.

Take a Walk Around the Neighborhood

It’s also a great idea to take a walk around your new neighborhood. This gives everyone a chance to check out your new surroundings, meet your neighbors, and to feel more at home in the community.

Maintain a Normal Schedule

Try to keep things as normal as possible. This means going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, taking them outside at the same times as you did at the old house, and feeling them right on schedule.

Maintaining a normal schedule will help them feel like everything is as it was before, just in a new house.

And be sure to show your pet lots of love during the entire process. This will provide comfort and help ease them through the upheaval of the transition period.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Moving With Pets

There’s no denying that owning pets is one of the great joys of life. But keeping them happy and healthy during the moving process isn’t easy. Fortunately, this guide to moving with pets will help make the transition as smooth as possible for every member of the family.

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