Moving from Los Angeles to Dallas

Los Angeles has always been a destination for many in the US. Many live there, and others aspire to. However, you may be thinking about a move away from LA for several reasons. An option many are considering today is moving to Dallas, TX. It provides many benefits and experiences that someone from Los Angeles can enjoy. Here’s what you need to learn about Dallas and why it can be an exciting place for you to move.

The Benefits of Living in Dallas, Texas

Dallas has always been in the conversation as one of the best places to live in America. Its economy is booming, and it’s a very active location. It’s one of the best cities in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people move to and visit Dallas because of its numerous appeals. Some of the reasons you’d want to move there include:

Cost of Living

Dallas offers a significantly lower margin to live comfortably compared to bustling cities like Los Angeles and New York. Even with its size, it features a more toned-down style of living. It’s a fit for anyone looking for a city lifestyle without extravagant costs. Living in Los Angeles means you’re paying 49% more than the national average, while Dallas is only 7% higher.

This means that you’re saving over 40% of your living costs. The average rent is also declining along with its basic expenses. Meal options are endless, and you can always find ways to save money through weekend farmer’s markets or specialized grocery stores. Utility expenses are a little higher than the national average but nowhere near as expensive as LA, despite hot months. Apart from these, several other aspects cost lower, including:

  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Services
  • Taxes

A Housing Market Filled with Opportunity

The housing market in Dallas is one of the hottest in the country, and there are many good reasons for it. Better cost of living means you’ll be able to afford more, keeping the lifestyle you want after your move from LA. Even in a competitive market, you’ll likely have enough to move to a better home because of how high the average prices are in Los Angeles.

You can always find a place where prices are much lower. Locations like East Dallas are always available for those who can pay for the rent of these houses. There are also great neighborhoods like Highland Hills, which only demand half the price the former does. The median home price here is over $400,000, though it’s far more affordable than in Los Angeles, which nears $1 million on average.

Other Benefits

The price may not be the only thing you’re looking for, especially if you come from LA. You want your stay in Dallas to be worthwhile, offering the same level of quality you’d come to expect from a vast city. Here are some other reasons people stay in Dallas:

  • Snow is rare in Dallas, with weather ranging from hot to chilly.
  • Home to the longest light rail system in the US, making it easy to travel around the large city.
  • No state income tax, meaning you can enjoy your full salary.
  • Home to prestigious schools and universities.
  • Many places to go to, no matter how varied your interests may be.
  • Dallas cuisine is home to numerous food choices, from barbecues to Mexican dishes.
  • Driving to other Texas cities only takes a few hours, and the airport is also accessible.

What to Do In Dallas

You’re always spoiled with choices when it comes to Dallas. It has an abundance of everything. Anyone from sports enthusiasts to social butterflies can find something to do there.Here are some things after you move to Dallas.


Dallas is home to national teams like the Mavericks, Stars, and Cowboys. You can watch a football game at the AT&T Stadium if you want a live experience. Cheer on your favorite team while enjoying a snack and spending time with your family. When you’re feeling a bit more active, many gyms and sports facilities are also available in the city.


Dallas is home to performing arts venues and museums. You’ll find something to do every month during your stay in Dallas. For example, you can visit the Sixth Floor Museum, which collects everything related to the life and assassination of JFK. You can also visit the Arts district, which is home to numerous locations like the Dallas Museum of Art and the AT&T Performing Arts Center.


Anyone from LA knows the wonders of good quality food with all the restaurants there. You’ll find that there’s something for everyone in Dallas. Whether you’re into European fusion dishes or something more in line with Texas, this place has them all. Visit the Pecan Lodge, one of the best places to try barbecue dishes or the many Asian-inspired restaurants in the city. Places like Edoko Omakase and Yao Fuzi Cuisine come to mind.


Dallas is an urban sprawl, but it has many nature getaways within it as well. One example of this is the Dallas Arboretum, one of the best botanical gardens in the world. You’ll find flower festivals, nature exhibits, and many other events throughout the year. There are also many parks in the city, like Klyde Warren, which hosts numerous concerts.

moving from los angeles to dallas

Dallas Is the Place to Be

Some things may be a little more expensive in Dallas compared to the rest of Texas. However, its cost of living compared to Los Angeles is far more affordable. Moving there may provide more financial freedom. Dallas always has activities if you’re worried about things you can do. You’ll find anything and everything to do, with many things to discover along the way.

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