Top Reasons Why LA is the Best Place to Retire in CA

If you’re facing your Golden Years and are looking to downsize soon, Los Angeles may not be at the top of your places-to-retire list. It’s actually quite a wonderful place to retire. Sure, the cost of living is high, but studies show it’s not as high as other big cities, such as New York City, Honolulu, Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Diego or Boston.

Once you decide that LA will be your new home in retirement, call an experienced LA mover to get you there. Now check out these top reasons why Los Angeles is a great place to retire.

Rich in Culture and Diversity

It’s very tolerant and diverse in LA. Here, you will find people of all races, religions, and cultures harmonizing together. Many have one united goal to improve the environment, improve education, build businesses, and address the homeless problem.

LA’s police department, fire department, and first responders are unlike any you will see anywhere else. They are plentiful, they are fast, and they are capable. In fact, other states often call them to help out during national disasters.

Doesn’t matter which weekend you step outside, you’re sure to find a multi-cultural festival, concert, parade or other event taking place. Don’t miss cultural festivals like Dios Los Muertos, (Day of the Dead), Cinco De Mayo, and Nisei Week in Little Tokyo. You’ll see a myriad of murals, city art, theater, and even Native American Pow Wows, plus mariachi bands, street vendors, and taco trucks all contributing to the city’s rich multi-ethnic heritage.

Beautiful Weather

You can’t ignore the fact that the weather here is gorgeous. It hardly ever rains or gets below 40 degrees. It may get foggy at the beach but in general, you will enjoy sunny and pleasant weather year-round. Humidity is low so even on 100-degree days, you won’t be sweating buckets and feel like you can’t breathe.

Those gentle ocean breezes will keep you cool, not to mention the seasonal Santa Ana winds. Your arthritis certainly won’t flare up here (well at least due to weather)!

Fewer Natural Disasters

While earthquakes and mudslides are always a possibility, you can retire to LA to escape the hurricanes of the south, the blizzards of the northeast and the tornadoes of the mid-west.

Health-Conscious and Active

Because of the year-round beautiful weather, you can be outside no matter what month it is, walking, hiking, jogging or just gardening in the yard. There are also many farmer’s markets on any given day, selling fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to be active and healthy here in LA.

Diverse Living Environments

The Los Angeles landscape is an eclectic mixture of environments, from ocean front and urban, to canyons and flatlands. Here are some of the most popular environments:

  • Beaches: You will spend the most to live at the beach but you can’t beat the views. From Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey to Playa Vista and Venice, you will never have a shortage of sand, sun, and relaxation.
  • Downtown LA: Check out the many world-class art museums, historic theaters, and upscale restaurants that abound here, as well as Grand Central Market, Pershing Square, Grand Park, China and Korea Towns, the LA Arts District, and Exposition Park. You may even want to live in a converted industrial loft, which is a popular choice for well-established artists, a population made up of many Baby Boomers.
  • The San Fernando Valley: This wide and sprawling bedroom community offers less stressful living and is very family-friendly. From hillside retreats to ranch homes, there are plenty of home types here to choose from.
  • Canyon living: Choose from expansive views of Topanga Canyon, Beachwood Canyon, and Box Canyon, or check out Malibu Canyon with its multitude of vineyards.
  • Pasadena: This historic community is home to the Rose Parade and boasts many Craftsman bungalows, art-deco buildings, Victoria-era mansions, and tasty cuisine. You will love all the parks, hiking trails and gardens here, such as the Huntington and Descanso Gardens.

Comprehensive Healthcare

There are many hospitals here in LA, so if you have health issues, there’s no better place to be. From UCLA and Cedars-Sinai to Providence and Kaiser Permanente, there are a multitude of health care choices for all needs. There are low-income options for those on Medi-Cal, as well as health fairs, free screenings, wellness programs, immunization programs, and exercise programs for people over 50.

Retirement Communities

If you’re looking to stay in a retirement community, there are activities, classes, and events you can partake in to boost your quality of life. You’ll be close to all the action, from museums to restaurants, while getting the care you need as you enter your Golden Years.

Thinking you may not be able to afford retirement in Los Angeles? Well, it’s not cheap, that’s for sure. You’re probably looking at $3,000 a month in rent, with the average home value being about $1 million. But if you have saved your pennies over the years and find LA’s weather, culture, and landscape irresistible, take the plunge and downsize to one of the many neighborhoods and communities of Los Angeles.

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