Moving from Los Angeles to Seattle

If you plan on moving from Los Angeles to Seattle, then you must be eager to live in an area that balances modern city living with stunning natural scenery. You’re in for a treat, as Seattle has all of that and more.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, Seattle ranks 9th among the top 10 most livable cities in the U.S. Los Angeles is not on this list. With Seattle being the largest city in Washington State, there is plenty to do in your downtime.

If you remain unconvinced with what it will be like to move from Los Angeles to Seattle, we got you covered. We’ve compiled some of the best things about Seattle that will help dissolve any reluctance about relocation. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of living in Seattle.

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Accessible Public Transportation

One of the highlights of living in Seattle that might convince you that moving from Los Angeles to Seattle is your next best idea is the several public transit options you will have when you start living in the Emerald City.

Most of your options are accessible by ORCA card. Simply refill your card with cash value or invest in a monthly pass and you’re good to go. Equipped with your contactless smart card, you can ride King County Metro Transit, Link Light Rail, or Seattle Streetcars to get around the city.

This commuter benefit is especially ideal if you want a more affordable alternative to driving yourself. Transport fees in any of the transit lines mentioned here won’t even reach $5 for a ride. Comparing this figure to the approximately $30 daily it costs to own a car, it’s a steal.

Exposure to Nature

We mentioned that Seattle’s nickname is the Emerald City. Its proximity to nature is what gave it the moniker. In one minute, you can be in a busy city neighborhood, indulging in its cultural offerings. In another, you can take in stunning views of the various national parks.

You can visit Mount Rainier National Park for hiking or mountain climbing. Meanwhile, North Cascades National Park is perfect for those who want to camp, fish, and backpack. If you love the water, then head out to Olympic National Park where you can go sea kayaking, beachcombing, and whale watching.

You don’t even have to leave the city to get your nature fix. Seattle is home to many parks, including Discovery Park, which is the city’s largest park. At 534 acres, it offers plenty of space for recreation and relaxation.

Busy Waterfront District

Ballard is among Seattle’s trendiest neighborhoods. It is also one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, guaranteeing a taste of charming culture on every corner. You can visit Sunny Hill to go for a light lunch, preferably Detroit-style pizza. Then, you can go to the National Nordic Museum to learn more about the city’s Scandinavian roots.

For a more action-packed day, go to the Shilshole Bay Marina where you can discover different shops, cafes, and breweries. There are also places where you can enjoy fresh seafood, whether you prefer catching them yourself or getting them served immediately. Seattle is nothing short of a food paradise, and you’ll enjoy the city’s culinary offerings.

Countless Shopping Opportunities

Another neighborhood brimming with culture is Columbia City, a historic area in the southeast serving as Seattle’s premier shopping district. Just along Rainier Avenue, you will find many shops, bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. This neighborhood also hosts a farmer’s market that runs between May and October.

You can also find another museum here, known as the Northwest African American Museum. This exhibit highlights how African Americans have contributed to the city’s culture and identity after coming to the Pacific Northwest.

Culturally Diverse

Central District is a historically African American district in Seattle. It was once the home of Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones, who are two of the most iconic Black musicians in history. Nowadays, the Central District is a hub for young creatives and artists.

In this neighborhood, you can indulge in authentic soul food at countless restaurants and bars. Then, you can check out the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center for any scheduled events, particularly the annual Seattle Black Film Festival.


Seattle also has a large and vibrant LGBTQ community. The most popular neighborhood for this group is Capitol Hill, which is also the city’s nightlife center. Being home to legendary gay bars, such as Pony, Seattle Eagle, and The Cuff Complex, Capitol Hill is the perfect place to let loose and party all night. Meanwhile, Capitol Hill has another museum that captures Seattle’s unending cultural identity. The Seattle Asian Art Museum features ancient and modern Southeast Asian art.

Growing Housing Inventory

If you are moving from Los Angeles to Seattle — whether in the summer or any season — you must consider the availability of houses in the area. Luckily, Seattle’s available housing inventory is growing. Thus, you will have more options to choose from, whether you are looking for a single-family home, an apartment, or a condo. Combine this availability with the city’s relatively low property taxes and you have the perfect recipe for an affordable and comfortable life in Seattle.

High Cost of Living

Despite the city’s many charms, it is important to note that Seattle is one of the most expensive cities in the US. According to PayScale’s Cost of Living calculator, the cost of living in Seattle is 53% higher than the national average. Nevertheless, the city’s median household income ($97,185) offsets the high cost of living.

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