Most popular Florida cities for remote workers

Remote work has become prevalent especially during the ongoing pandemic. In addition, people’s preferences when it comes to moving destinations have also changed. That’s why Florida holds a high place as one of the most popular inbound states in the US. Young professionals and job-seekers often choose Florida for many benefits. If you are also considering moving to Florida, then this helpful guide is just what you need. We at Good Neighbors Moving Company picked some of the most popular Florida cities for remote workers to help you make your best decision. After you decide where to move to, make sure to contact us to learn more about our services!

Florida cities are a paradise for remote workers

Besides the warm climate and breathtaking nature, Florida has many benefits to offer to its residents. That’s why work-life balance seems like a breeze once you move to some of the most desirable Florida cities for working and living. However, take time to find out more about each of them before you start looking for movers Altadena CA, and book a free estimate. Relocation is an important period. Therefore, there’s no need to rush with the final decision. The goal is to get to your new place of residence safely, without added stress.

a person relaxing in the nature
Florida cities are desirable for work-life balance and proximity to the outdoors.

Tampa FL is like a dream-come-true for remote workers

If you want to enjoy tropical weather while working and living comfortably, then Tampa is your best choice. Tampa is one of those cities that has it all. Therefore, you will never get bored here. The city is always vibrant and people are always on the go. Plus, the city has a special historical district – Ybor – where history lovers can learn more about the traditions of Tampa. You can also expect a welcoming and open-minded neighbors who are ready to help at any time. Many cultures settle in Tampa each year. Therefore, it can be said that Tampa is also a family-friendly city with a strong sense of community. Also, you’ll never lack outdoor options once you move here.

The living cost goes below a national average, as well as housing prices. While some areas may be on a bit pricier end, the wages in Tampa still enable people to own homes at some point. That further speaks of a strong job market with very little competition. It’s possible to find a job where you can improve and apply your skillset. What also makes Tampa stand out as a remote-friendly city for workers is its laid-back lifestyle. People prioritize a healthy work-life balance. For those who are used to urbanized and fast-paced areas, Tampa will be a pleasant change. If this city is your next moving destination, make sure to pick your best Pasadena moving company and start packing!

palm trees in the sun
Year-round warm weather is a bonus.

Clearwater is another popular Florida city among remote workers

Clearwater doesn’t fall behind when it comes to living standards. Even in this city, you can enjoy a perfect combination of affordable living and above the national average wages. That’s why the influx of newcomers in Clearwater isn’t a surprise. While working comfortably from home, you can enjoy the benefits of warm weather and proximity to outdoor options. Foodies will enjoy various coffee and dining options. Plus, people are great neighbors and quite helpful.

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Miami Beach is also a popular moving destination

Remote workers appreciate Miami Beach for similar reasons as other popular Florida cities. A relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere paired with a stable work-life balance makes Miami Beach perfect work life. Due to a bit lower than the national average rent price, people usually rent their homes. However, you can expect to own your home after some period, depending on your job and wages. Moreover, Miami Beach’s economy is growing, while the poverty rate goes lower each year.

a woman relaxing on the beach
There’s so much to do in Florida cities!

Many factors impact the ranking of popular Florida cities for remote workers

There are many crucial factors that explain why these cities rank high as one of the most desirable places for living. The warm and tropical climate is just one of them. While some people may not prefer the hot and wet summer season, they still get many benefits by living in one of the most popular Florida cities:

  • The living cost – it’s understandable that many prefer affordable prices paired with a much stable tax situation. In addition, the median home price, as well as a rental price, play a big role. Owning a home at some point is something that many remote workers want.
  • Economy and job market – Florida’s economy is booming and it’s not a surprise why its cities are becoming important business centers. Moreover, the opportunities people get in Florida are various. Plus, the salary goes quite above the national average. It’s worth mentioning that in cities in Florida many start-ups come up every year.
  • Internet coverage – The Internet is of the utmost importance for remote workers. Therefore, the above-mentioned cities hold high places because of the fast Internet.
  • Community – A decent community is also important for the quality of life no matter where you go. Fortunately, Florida folks are quite laid-back, open-minded, and helpful.
  • Outdoor options – Outdoor life is a habit of many Florida residents. That’s why proximity to nature and mesmerizing landscapes is one of the top priorities. You can enjoy plenty of hiking, camping, and surfing options.

After you pick one of the most popular Florida cities for remote workers, make a moving checklist. Ensure the company you consider hiring is legit. After that, contact their representatives. Further, don’t rush with signing any deal before you read all terms and conditions. Your safety during a move is important.